Question: Yahoo Answers: Answers and Comments for Survey:I'm having a bbq this weekend & need to know if there's anything else I should make?

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Answer #1:

erm . . . where's the ice cream?

Answer #2:


Answer #3:


Answer #4:

don't forget the ice cream

cake a la mode

Answer #5:


Answer #6:

saussages, nachos, guacomale, sweetcorn, coleslaw

Answer #7:

How About Hot Dogs, Beef Burgers, Small Steaks, These Are All I Can Think Of At The Minute.

Answer #8:

do some oven baked potatoes .. a veggie salad... sweetcorn on the cob .. garlic bread and smoe sausages and burgers .. you could make your own .. there even better then..

Answer #9:

Chicken fillets, salad, bacon, sausages, potatoes. Maybe add some deserts too like key lime pie, apple pie, lemon meringue.

Answer #10:

Home made burgers and red wine mmmm

Answer #11:

Salmon or tuna :)

Answer #12:

Coleslaw definitely!!! and maybe a regular salad with some leaves and cucumber, tomato onion etccc - and home made lemonade! but maybe just buy it :)
Have fun ^_^

Answer #13:

bring some sodas

Answer #14:

Watermelon! i CANT believe you forgot the watermelon!!

Answer #15:

Macaroni & Cheese

Answer #16:


Answer #17:

Open bar.
You have the food covered.

Answer #18:

Veggie Burgers in case of vegitarians

Answer #19:

Chips, dip, fresh fruit

Answer #20:

cole slaw

Answer #21:

Ice cream to go with the cake

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