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Answer #1:

maybe he just wanted sex from u?

Answer #2:

LMAO... You've been had, Girl. He still has a girlfriend. And now he also has a f*ck buddy. I am not judging, when I was single I had one too... but sometimes they will lie and say they're available when they're really not. It's like a freebie for them. No strings attached so it won't interfere with their relationship...

Answer #3:

first off.... not goin to say anything about u being a slut. theres worse. second.... call it off. theres somethin goin on here, and if he wont tell u what its all about, get away. sounds to me like he just wanted a little "after" party for the night and then move on. ask him out right if he has been with her still. if he is avoiding, call everything off. and even if he is being truthful or not, be cautious about this situation. for now, dont let him in your head (or pants) for the time being.

Answer #4:

I'd confront him. If that doesn't work- message the person who was saying things about his ex, and ask if they were still together.

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