Question: Yahoo Answers: Answers and Comments for Hey everybody i want to know i am talented writer or not i am 14 ?

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Answer #1:

Good imagination? Yes.

Good writing? Clearly, not so much.

Punctuation and good grammar is very important to good writing. Even poets that take artistic license with the rules of English only do it if there is a good, artistic REASON for it.

For example, your phrase, "it's like a legend that no one it's true or not or a treasure that is." makes no sense whatsoever. Much of the rest of your paragraph is similarly obtuse.

May I suggest that you first write out what you wish to say in plain English and THEN, reorganize and rewrite it to fit the literary format in which you wish to express yourself.

Answer #2:

I think so, for a 14 year old you bring a very mature look onto a feel life feeling, as you get older and learn more complex words that can express a single feeling and sound just as good you will be in your element.

tour thoughts are deep and you put a lot of feeling into your work i feel you will go far with your writing talent.

as for spelling and grammar well that's what we have computers for x

Answer #3:

Well, it looks like you love to write, and that's the first step. You have a good subject. Very creative, but your development is nothing special. It's very repetitive and your grammar is very off.

I'm sorry but you just deed to work on your writing skills and especially your grammar. I hope this doesn't put you down. I'm sure you'll be a great writer if you truly love it and keep working at it.

Answer #4:

*who stands
no space after before comma ''battle,''
cut out the 'it's' before like
no it's true does not make sense
looking for what?

Technically you're not there, sometimes its better to think of what you're trying to get across before stylizing it because this takes away any kind of poignant effect.

I cannot say you are or are not talented but you have a great interest im assuming. Never give up on something you love because you're afraid you're not talented enough.

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