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Answer #1:

Fantastic - you have got trails with Charlton - do your best and show what you can do.
If you do not make the cut then try out for other clubs - never give up and keep on trying and believe in yourself but stay focused, take all criticism of the way you play on board and this will make you a better player. A good player is groomed to be succesful it does not happen over night.
I wish you success

Answer #2:

You want to join one then join one!

What's wrong with young aspiring footballers!

That is the problem TOO MANY OPTIONS which is why your not serious!

Do you think Cristiano Ronaldo when he was 15 asked how to join an academy? lol please he was already in the Sporting team breaking through in fact 3 years from your age Ronaldo would have twisted the Manchester United defense inside out!

You asking about how to join a football academy underlines the problems here in England - grass roots I mean not enough experience and technical ability and it shows through our national team

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