Measuring, Marking & Layout: A Builder's Guide For Pros by Pros

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You don't have to invest a fortune in space-age gadgetry to make accurate measurements, and you don't need advanced training in math to build complex houses. Author John Carroll provides dozens of beautifully simple techniques for highly accurate measuring, marking, and layout using a number of basic tools.

Good habits of measuring and marking not only ensure high quality but also save materials and money and increase productivity. Measuring, Marking & Layout shows how to do the job right the first time.

If you find it more enjoyable to end up with clean, professional-looking work than with sloppy work, Measuring, Marking & Layout gives you what you want. Review

The common and sensible dictum among carpenters--"Measure twice, cut once"--is only the beginning for Carroll, who manages to take some very complex information and distill it into readable and understandable form. There are chapters devoted to laying out foundations, frames, roofs, stairs, masonry units, and finishing materials, and many little-known tricks of the trade and shortcuts. Carroll covers all the basics of tools and techniques, shows how to measure larger dimensions on projects while working alone, and shows that one needn't be a master mathematician to assure accuracy in projects, nor use space-age, high-tech equipment to achieve near-perfect results in a building project. From the simplest how-to project for a home handyperson to constructing an entire house, proper, accurate measurements are the very foundation of a successful result. Using common sense and care in measuring can save time, materials, and money on any home repair or construction plan. This is the book to tell you everything you need to know before you get started. --Mark A. Hetts


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