Bench Dog 10-001 Table Saw Blade-Loc

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Blade-Loc is a revolutionary blade changing tool that provides safer changes for you and your table saw blades. Most people don't realize that using a piece of scrap wood can bend the blade, enough to leave scratch marks and tear-out in delicate panels. Blade-Loc evenly grips the blade around its perimeter and will not bend it. Moreover, Blade-Loc protects your hands. There is simply no better way to change your blades. Made from a specially formulated polymer, Blade-Loc is guaranteed to last a lifetime.Protect your hands from serious injury.No more chipped or bent blades.Will not harm your saw blade.Fits all 10" blades.Replaces the scrap wood and double wrench methods of blade changing.

This Blade-Loc safety tool from Bench dog provides a safe, easy way to change 10-inch table saw blades. Place the Blade-Loc over the blade and loosen the nut with a wrench. The Blade-Loc grips the blade firmly while protecting your hands and blade, eliminating the chance of cuts, chipped teeth, and bent blades. It's made in the USA from plastic that's tough enough to handle the abuse in any shop.


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