Cozy Products FW Foot Warmer Heated Foot Warming Mat Rubber Design

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The Foot Warmer Heated Mat is composed of waterproof, rugged, black rubber material that is best used to warm feet through shoes or socks. Operating on merely 90 watts, the surface temperature is able to reach up to 130°F. Caution should be taken when placing the Foot Warmer on delicate floors such as carpet, linoleum, or wood due to the risk of damage. This heated mat is ideal for use on hard, cold, impervious floors such as concrete, tile, and stone.

TUV-listed for safety, this mat's waterproof surface is also ideal for use to melt snow from dirty boots.

As anyone who's been out in the cold knows, toasty feet go a long way toward keeping the rest of you warm. That’s why using an Indus-Tool FW cozy foot warmer can help reduce your indoor heating costs. At only 90 watts, one of these units tucked under a desk allows you to turn the building thermostat down, thereby saving you money. The warmer is less costly to use than a space heater, and safer, too, as there are no exposed heating coils or carbon monoxide emissions. It is ETL listed and has a lifetime warranty.--Josh Dettweiler

What’s in the Box
Foot-warmer pad, power cord


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