Bench Dog 40-011 Feather-Loc Double Featherboard for Table Saws & Router Tables

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Feather-Loc is essential for holding your stock firmly against your tool's guide fence and tabletop. Use one on the table saw to keep long stock against the rip fence. On router tables and shapers, use one before and after the cutter. Attach Feather-Locs to both the fence and the tabletop when routing long and thin stock on the router table. Not only will Feather-Loc protect your hands, it also helps prevent kickback, binding, and bent blades.

A featherboard is undoubtedly the most underrated router-table accessory of all time. When properly installed, its flexible fingers keep the workpiece pressed tightly against the router tabletop or router fence throughout the routing operation. The result is a dramatic increase in the accuracy, quality and safety of the cuts.

Now many woodworkers make their own featherboards from scrap lumber, but here’s a better, safer option: the Bench Dog 40-011 Feather-Loc Double Featherboard. This popular router-table accessory consists of not one, but two industrial-quality featherboards. The featherboards are made from a high-tech polymer and each one has 13 angled fingers that apply steady pressure that consistently produces cleaner cuts with less chance of kickback, chattering or lifting.

The featherboards slide into miter-gauge slots in the router table or fence, and are locked in place by tightening a pair of knobs. Note that Feather-Loc Featherboards can also be used on a table saw, shaper, bandsaw or any other woodworking machine with a miter gauge slot. -- Joseph Truini


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