Kreg SML-F125-1000 1 1/4-Inch No. 7 Fine Pocket Hole Screws with Washer-Head, 1000-Pack

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This 1-1/4-inch fine thread, No. 2 square drive washer head screw works well in 3/4-inch thick, hardwood material such as oak, maple, hickory, cherry and walnut. The washer head of this screw is our most popular head style as the wide bearing surface of the head will not overdrive in the bottom of the pocket. This is especially important in softer material such as plywoods and composites.

Dimensions: 3″ x 7.5″ x 5″.

The Kreg 1-1/4-Inch No. 7 Fine Pocket Hole Screws with Pan-Head is ideal for 3/4-inch thick hardwood work pieces. The washer head prevents overdriving in pocket bottoms, which is especially critical in composite and plywood work pieces. The self-tapping type 17 auger tip eliminates the need to predrill, and its larger diameter steel shank creates a nearly unbreakable screw. The bronze-colored finish and dry-lubricant coating improves driving torque and rust resistance. This pack includes 1,000 hole screws.


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