Cozy Products CF Cozy Feet AA Battery-Powered Reusable Shoe Inserts

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Cozy Feet are battery operated heated shoe insoles that fit right inside any shoe or boot. The thin insoles heat up to keep toes and feet warm. Foot warmers were designed originally for military use to maintain optimal body temperature of feet in cold conditions.

These insoles differ from others as these can be recharged on the go by using fresh or rechargeable AA batteries. The battery unit is included on a belt clip, so you don’t have to remove shoes to recharge the inserts. Inserts themselves are attached to the battery unit via a 57 inch cord (just over 4.5ft) which is retractable and fully adjustable to meet any height (the smallest the cord retracts is 6” – shoe inserts will fit any size shoe from adult men, women, and children sizes 2+).

For reasons of safety, this in-shoe warmer is designed to keep heat just above normal body temperature. It does not create noticeable hot temperatures, since elevated temperatures in contact with the body may lead to injury. Cozy Feet works by keeping shoes at a comfortable, safe temperature.


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