DMT CDT62 6-in-1 Multi-Purpose Diamond and Ceramic Triangle Sharpener

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DMT Diamond Ceramic Triangle Knife Sharpener. The DMT Diamond Ceramic Triangle Sharpener is 3-sided to be your ideal Sharpening Tool. This Knife Sharpener features a 6" triangle shaped rod with ceramic, fine and coarse grit diamond flat surfaces. Use the coarse (325 mesh) diamond flat surface to restore the edge on a neglected blade. Use the fine (600 mesh) diamond flat surface for the next step to a razor edge. Then use the ceramic flat surface for a polished finish. The ceramic corners of this triangle sharpener have 3 different sized radii for sharpening serrated knives, or for smoothing out gouges. The DMT Diamond Ceramic Triangle Knife Sharpener comes with a ribbed black plastic handle for a comfortable, secure grip. Get yours today! DMT Diamond Ceramic Triangle Knife Sharpener

With its three different surfaces (and a little finesse on the chef's part), this tool takes knives through the full sharpening process without requiring any additional blade accessories. The triangular-shaped steel is made of smooth and lightweight ceramic, which is unbreakable, resistant to wearing, and nonporous. On one side, an overlaid nickel plate, embedded with 325-mesh coarse diamond dust, lays ready to restore the edge on a worn blade as the first step in sharpening. A nickel plate covered with a layer of 600-mesh fine-grit diamonds is bonded to another side for realigning the edge to razor sharpness. The third side of the triangular sharpener reveals the ceramic material and completes the final polishing step on a knife's edge.

In addition to offering the three flat sides for sharpening, this triangular tool also three corners or radii of varying sizes. The largest 4.78-millimeter corner is best for finishing edges on fixed knives. The 3.18-millimeter radii works well for folding knives and the slim 1.60-millimeter width provides the precision angle needed to touch up serrated knives or large gouges. A steel should always be longer than the blade it is honing and, at 6 inches long, this sharpener is best for shorter blades, such as paring or utility knives. The sharpener has a 4-inch, black plastic handle that is ridged for a secure grip. This quality product was awarded Blade Magazine's Accessory of the Year Award in 2004 and is covered by DMT under a full replacement policy if it is found to have any defects in workmanship. --Cristina Vaamonde


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