BARSKA Blueline 25x30 Spy Scope

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Steal the scene with the BARSKA precision crafted 25x30 Spyscope. This spyscope with high power collapsible eyepiece makes a perfect gift, or add to your treasures of being a pirate! Backed by Limited Lifetime Warranty. How To Use The Spyscope: 1. Extend the scope to its full length, see image. 2. Point the objective lens at an object and look through the eyepiece. 3. Carefully rotate the eyepiece in either direction until the object is at its clearest, see image. Note: When rotating the eyepiece the Barlow lens will also move inwards and outwards. How To Take Care Of The Spyscope: - When wiping the lenses, use a soft lintless lens cloth. - To remove any remaining dirt or smudges, add one or two drops of isopropyl alcohol to the cloth, then wipe gently. - Store your scope in a moisture-free area.


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