Burris 410615 XTR Base Savage Short Long Round Rear Black

Price: $21.19

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The Burris XTR Base was made to meet the demands of extreme shooters. Ask most marksmen what contributes to their accuracy over any distance and they’ll brag about their scopes, barrels, triggers or even skill. At Burris we know the true building blocks of an accurate shooting system are the rings and bases. To consistently put your rounds on target time and time again, your scope needs to be properly aligned and anchored to your gun. That’s why every ring and base we offer is computer designed and engineered to specifications that would make NASA proud. They guarantee precise optical alignment and shot placement. They will withstand years of use and punishing recoil and look good with any scope on any gun. Go ahead. Give all the credit to your gun, scope or shooting skills. Just remember that without Burris rings and bases, you wouldn’t have that accuracy to brag about.


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