Boker Plus 09BO505 Tek-Lok Adapter, Large

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The Boker Plus Tek-Lok Adapter is a locking system that helps you carry your knives in vertical or horizontal positions on your belt or gear. The Tek-Lok adapter attaches directly to a Kydex or plastic sheath. After screwing the adapter to your sheath, you can attach the adapter to a belt or other surface to provide easy access to your knife at all times. You can adjust the tension if you prefer to have the knife swivel when you pull on it, or have it stay stationary. The Tek-Lok adapter is designed to adapt to many sheath systems, but some may require minor modifications in order to work with the system. The fiber reinforced nylon will ensure that knives attached to this system will stay secure. This large adapter fits medium to large-sized belts. A chestnut tree is the world famous trademark of the Boker knife manufactory in Solingen, Germany. It represents innovative, high quality, exceptional knives, manufactured with pride, by hand, for over 145 years.


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