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KREG Multi-Purpose Push S

Ergonomic easy-grip handle (view larger).

The Kreg Multi-Purpose Push Stick (model KMA1000) adds more than just safety to your woodshop. With features such as a built-in storage magnet, pencil holder, and removable locking depth gauge, the Multi-Purpose Push Stick adds true speed and convenience to every cut you make. Thanks to its narrow construction and ergonomic Easy-Grip handle, this push stick is perfect for use with even the smallest of work pieces.

About Kreg Tool Company

In 1986 Craig Sommerfeld was in the process of building his house and needed to find a way to attach his doweled face frames to his kitchen cabinet carcase members. A tool and die maker by trade, but a woodworker out of necessity, Craig had a problem. Not wanting to nail them on and then fill with putty, he designed and built "Craig's Jig" which was a single-hole pocket hole jig crafted from steel and aluminum that allowed him to attach the face frames from the inside of the cabinet where the joint could be hidden from view.

In the intervening years, Kreg Tool Company has emerged as the leader in Pocket Hole Technology. From the manual Kreg Jig to the fully-automatic Pro Series machines, Kreg offers a simple solution that has changed the way thousands of woodworkers join wood.

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KMA1000 Multi-Purpose Push Stick At a Glance
  • Well balanced heavy-duty construction
  • Impact resistant plastic
  • Ergonomic easy-grip handle
  • Built-in magnet for storage
  • Built-in locking depth gauge
  • Built-in pencil holder


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