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Combine the Original Incra Jig with the Incra jig fence system to produce Box Joints, Dovetails and much more. Joint making templates plus instructional DVD are included.Made in U.S.A. Back by popular demand! The INCRA Jig that started it all more than twenty years ago has been reissued, and the same qualities that made it such a knockout then are still relevant in workshops today. The only two moving parts are the locking knob and the single-piece upper carriage. Its as simple and reliable as your favorite hammer, yet it indexes on 1/32 increments with the same 1/1000 positioning accuracy and repeatability of our top-of-the-line LS Positioners.The rigid, glass-reinforced resin body consists of upper and lower halves and provides 8 of solid fence travel. Our patented incremental racks are installed where the halves of the jig meet, with each rack offering hundreds of teeth on a precise 1/32 spacing. When the clamping knob is tightened, the teeth mesh, causing the fence and carriage to instantly center up on perfect multiples of 1/32 five to ten times more precisely than working by eye alone.By adding a fence and a couple of simple fixtures (either shop-made or purchased as part of the incra jig fence system ), 3/8 box joint and 1/2 dovetails can be produced equally spaced or variably spaced. The 1/2 dovetail template can also be made half-blind, through, sliding, or cornerpost. For even more variety, the 11 box joint templates and 29 dovetail templates from the Incra master r


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