Do-All Outdoors White Wing Automatic Trap

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The White Wing Auto Trap is one of the best automatic trap deals on the market. Holds 25 targets and has an awesome, 65-80 yard throw. Drop down on the Arm design gives the White Wing an unbeleivably consistant throw with breakage not being an issue.

Part of Do-All Outdoors's line of target-practice gear, the White Wing automatic trap can hold up to 25 clay targets at a time and sports an auto-feeder that smoothly loads the targets onto an aluminum throwing arm. The trap throws the targets consistently between 65 yards and 80 yards, and the throwing angle can be adjusted between 5 degrees and 30 degrees.

The White Wing's construction includes a powder-coated steel frame and a sturdy, four-leg base that can be simply set on the ground, without a need for bolts or stakes to hold the trap in place. The quiet, durable motor features two-second cycle times. Other highlights include a safety ring attachment and a foot pedal release that can be lengthened using your own standard extension cord. The trap can be assembled right in the field in less than 10 minutes.

About Do-All Outdoors
Do-All Outdoors takes pride in providing affordable, durable, and reliable clay target throwers, Targeting Systems, and master crafted outdoor accessories. Do-All Outdoors has taken the unique approach of being a dealer and distributor supplier. By using our own means to distribute our product with inside sales people, representatives and distributors. Do-All Outdoors maintains the best quality and price value for the dealer and the consumer.

Do-All Outdoors is a father-and-son company with a true love for the outdoors. Since developing our first patented clay target thrower in the early nineties, we have been dedicated to bringing the highest quality, most innovative and affordable products in the hunting, shooting sports and recreational industries.

Many of Do-All Outdoors' products have been independently field tested and approved by organizations Like the North American Hunting Club.

What's in the Box?
Automatic trap, foot pedal release, adjustable foot pedal cord, battery connections, and instructions


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