Bora 541100 Clamp Edge Wide Track Power Tool Guide, 100-Inch Straight Edge for Circular Saws, Jig Saws and Routers

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BORA 100 In. WT Clamp Edg

Ideal for all types of woodworking, cabinet making, professional carpentry and D.I.Y. applications, the Bora Clamp Edge Wide Track tool guide works with circular saws, jig saws, routers, biscuit jointers, and more to provide a reliably straight cutting edge that won't move. The exclusive clamp design allows the Clamp Edge Wide Track to firmly clamp for straight and angled cuts.

Wide Track angle
The Clamp Edge Wide Track can make straight and angled cuts (view larger).
At a Glance Bora Clamp Edge Wide Track Tool Guide
At a Glance:
  • 100-inch straight-edge tool guide with integrated clamps

  • Large, soft-grip clamping surface

  • Dual "T" tracks compatible with special jigs and routers

  • Allows for cuts on angles while maintaining pressure

  • Aircraft grade aluminum body

  • Lifetime warranty
At a Glance

This version of the Clamp Edge Wide Track measures 100 inches long, and it's also available in 24-, 42-, 50-, and 66-inch models.

Built for the rigors of everyday professional use, the extra wide 3-3/8-inch aircraft grade extruded aluminum body ensures straight accurate cuts and rigid clamping. A large, over-sized handle creates increased clamping pressure when making straight and angled cuts. The soft-grip, rubberized clamping foot allows for angled clamping and ensures the material is held firmly in place, without damaging the work.

In addition to cutting-type tasks, the Clamp Edge Wide Track can be utilized for other applications, such as a vise or bar clamp for gluing. Thanks to its integrated T-tracks, the Wide Track can also double as a portable T-track tool. The T-tracks allow you to keep a jig square to the table, and are compatible with special jigs and routers. Not only does this increase the versatility of circular saws, jig saws, routers, biscuit jointers, and other power tools, it also eliminates the need for a separate T-track tool.

It comes with an integrated hanging loop for convenient storage, while not in use. Backed by a lifetime warranty.

Different Sizes for Different Needs

The smallest clamp of the five, the 24-inch, is most commonly used as an auxiliary fence on table saws, router tables or drill presses, and as a guide for small cutting projects. The 42-inch clamp can be used as a straight edge to assist in cutting doors and pre-made countertops, and also provides extra stability on small- to medium-size cutting projects. The 50-inch model is perfect for cross cutting sheets of plywood or sheet goods 48 inches in length, with two additional inches remaining to allow for angled cuts.

For more specialized projects, the 66-inch is ideal for cutting European-size laminate sheets. The largest of the Wide Track Clamp Edges--the 100-inch--is perfect for the largest projects, including ripping plywood or sheet goods up to eight feet in length.

What's in the Box

100-inch Clamp Edge Wide Track tool; operating instructions

Large, over-sized handle creates increased
clamping pressure (view larger).
Great for woodworking, carpentry, general
construction, and remodeling (view larger).


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