Bora 540903 3 Piece Clamp Edge Power Tool Guide Set; Straight Edge for Circular Saws, Jig Saws and Routers

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Intended To Fit A Wide Range Of Applications, These Multi-Purpose Straight Edge Clamps Boast Many Unique Features.The Exclusive Swivel Head Design Will Allow The Clamp Edge To Firmly Clamp Angles Up To 22.5º.This Feature Gives The User Much More Flexibility For All Types Of Clamping And Cutting Applications., Saw/Tool Guide And Straight-Edge With Integral Clamps , Lever Locking Mechanism With Large Ergonomical Handle , Aircraft Grade Aluminum Body.

Made by Bora, this three-piece Clamp Edge set enables you to make straight cuts using circular saws, jig saws, routers, biscuit jointers, or other power tools. The set is great if you want a straight edge but don't have a table saw. Soft-grip clamps protect the wood's surface and can swivel, allowing you to make angled cuts. Included in this set are a 24-inch guide, a 36-inch guide, and a 50-inch guide to accommodate a variety of woodworking projects.

At a Glance540903 Three-Piece
Clamp Edge Set
At a Glance:

At a Glance

540903 Three-Piece Clamp Edge Set540903 Three-Piece Clamp Edge Set
Bora's three-piece Clamp Edge set can be used with a variety of saws and power tools (click each to enlarge). Swivel Clamp Heads for Angled Cuts
Each tool guide is equipped with a pair of large, soft-grip clamps designed to attach securely to either side of the board while protecting the wood's surface. The clamp heads swivel, allowing you to make cuts at slight angles if you wish.

Sturdy Construction and Locking Mechanism
Each tool guide features an aircraft-grade extruded aluminum body as well as a lever locking mechanism with a large ergonomic handle. The guides can hang easily from a hook or nail in your workshop when not in use.

24-, 36-, and 50-Inch Guides
Included in this set are a 24-inch guide, a 36-inch guide, and a 50-inch guide to accommodate a variety of applications. The 24-inch model can be used as an auxiliary fence with drill presses and band saws.

About Affinity Tool Works
Affinity Tool Works is a provider of professional tools that are designed to increase productivity, simplify complex tasks, and help produce consistent results from project to project.

What's in the Box
One 24-inch tool guide, one 36-inch tool guide, and one 50-inch tool guide.

540903 Three-Piece Clamp Edge Set The 50-inch guide can be used to cut large pieces of wood (click to enlarge).


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