Bora Auxiliary Clamps Bora 542002 Accessory Clamps – set of 2. Turns your Bora Wide Track Clamp Edge into a Vise for easy, hands-free stability while you work.

Price: $18.50 $19.99

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You already have a Bora Wide Track Clamp Edge – here’s the ideal component to help you with your projects. These sturdy auxiliary clamps slide into the T-channel of the clamp track and lock into place, turning your clamp edge into a solid vise. This allows any material you are working on to be safely held in place as you glue, sand, finish, or even go to work with your router! Not only are these clamps very convenient, they are also extremely cost effective, as (unlike many competitors) you do not need an entire straight-edge product to achieve the holding power you are looking for. All you need is our Wide Track Clamp Edge, and this accessory does the rest, for under $20! With a lifetime warrantee, these auxiliary clamps are the perfect addition to your collection of Bora Tool products.


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