Clay Clips - Clay Target Holder 10 Pack

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Clay Clips are a stainless steel spring tension wire form that holds Sporting Clays (pigeon) and allows you to punch them into cardboard target backer board. They are very low profile, reusable and are wind resistant (pigeons won't come off). You can arrange pigeons in any configuration you'd like, and if you shoot a top clay, the pieces that fall don't knock down the pigeon below. Long range rifle shooters, no longer need spotting scopes to see a hit. Pistol shooters get a nice inexpensive reactive target. Archers have been know to hang clays on their bales of hay with Clay Clips. Kids are shooting clays in their backyards with clay Clips. If you'd like to buy in Bulk, bags of 100 are sold on Amazon, search for B00NVLBDTC


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