1st Flush Margaret's Hope Darjeeling Limited Edition - 4oz / 111g

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This wonderful Indian Darjeeling is the best first flush that we have ever had the privilege of tasting, and is available in very strictly limited quantities, so don't miss out! We only have limited stock quantity of Darjeeling Margaret's Hope First Flush available, and it is already proving incredibly popular, so be sure not to leave it too late to buy. Darjeeling Margaret's Hope First Flush comes from the very first picking of the first flush of the April harvest, is only 30% oxidized and was fired just once, making this tea as unique and unusual as it is delicious. This fantastic tea is light, bright and incredibly refreshing, offering base notes of muscatel grapes and providing a clean, crisp finish to savour. Margaret's Hope is one of the five famous tea gardens of India, and is a name that all connoisseurs of top quality Indian black teas are familiar with. Margaret's 'hope' to return to her beautiful tea garden may never have been fulfilled, but the consistently top quality teas that her garden produces in perpetuity have served to honor her memory in the most fitting way. Darjeeling Margaret's Hope First Flush really is the jewel in their crown, and just one sip will soon convince you of this! Make sure you don't leave it too late to order, as stock of this amazing tea is in strictly limited supply.


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