Vigilant Loudest 135dB Personal Alarm - Professional Series with Belt Clip - Wrist Strap Grenade Pin Rip Cord Activation - LED Flashlight - Regular AAA Batteries Included

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Vigilant PPS-9 Professional Series 135dB Personal Emergency Alarm with LED Flashlight, Belt Clip and Grenade Pin Rip Cord

Vigilant Professional Series alarms are the result of listening to feedback we've received from our commercial and government alarm users who rely on Vigilant alarms for their personal safety every single day.

We've upgraded every aspect of our Professional Series alarms to include:

• Even louder 135dB ear-splitting alarm (louder than a rock concert!)
• Extended 55 minutes of continuous alarm duration
• Preloaded with 2 AAA batteries for easier battery replacement
• LED Flashlight with press and hold ON button
• Integrated belt-clip for effortless access and hands free operation
• Emergency grenade pin rip-cord activation
• Two rip-cord options include wrist strap or pull pin design (both included) to fit your specific needs
• At 135dB this makes the palm-sized PPS-9CB by Vigilant one of the loudest personal alarms ever produced for distribution in the United States.

The new belt clip design makes it easier for workers in high-risk professions such as the medical and correctional fields to easily clip the device onto their uniforms for effortless access when needed most. Attackers rarely like to draw attention to their acts and very often flee the moment the alarm sounds to escape this unwanted attention. This makes personal alarms a proven and very effective non-lethal method of self-defense.

In addition to making an effective personal-attack deterrent, it also makes for one of the most effective signaling devices in an emergency situation on the market for construction crews, hazardous materials workers, or any profession where high risk is part of the daily routine.

Personal alarms are legal to carry in all 50 states (even on airplanes!). They require no training or skill to operate, and can be used by anyone, regardless of age or physical ability.

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