22mm X 1.8mm Stainless Steel Spring Bar Pins for Attaching Watch Band to Watches or Buckle Set of Two

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The worst thing is to have your favorite watch fall off your wrist because a spring bar fails, this is such a critical component for keeping your watch on your wrist we take special care in the design and manufacture of our spring bars.  

These Spring Bars by SWISS REIMAGINED are made specifically for us to exacting standards, the body and spring loaded ends are manufactured in marine grade 316L stainless steel which will ensure they will not corrode even in the most extreme environments. The internal spring is manufactured from spring tempered 304 stainless steel which is durable, strong and corrosion resistant.  The body of the spring bar is extruded (avoid folded spring bars, they are much weaker and can be identified by a seam on the side of the spring bar) which delivers maximum strength. The spring loaded ends are inserted into the body and held in place by crimping both ends of the body.

The spring loaded ends are double flanged which ensures the installation and removal of the pin is a simple and smooth process and will be a breeze with a Spring Bar Jewelers Tool (ASIN:B00DMUOMEU).  The body of these spring bars are 1.8mm in diameter and designed to fit a watch or buckle where the measurement between the band attachment lugs is 22mm finally the pin end diameter is 0.8mm.  Our spring bars when in place and held by the tension of the spring, are locked into the watch lugs with approximately 4.4 Newtons (0.45kg of force or 1 pound force). For more detailed information please refer to the technical drawings provided in the photograph listing.

SWISS REIMAGINED spring bars are available in sizes from 10mm to 25mm in both 1.8mm and 1.5mm body diameter, please ensure you purchase the correct size by measuring precisely, ideally with the Lug Measurement Tool by SWISS REIMAGINED (ASIN:B00RT0D32Q), to verify the correct size required before ordering.


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