B's Dry Fire Snap Caps TM - Dummy 12 & 20 Gauge Training Rounds 9 Pack

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B's Dry Fire Snap Caps® - "Made with durability in mind"

Different colors and sizes are for different purposes. Please review the information below to see which will be best for your needs!


Home defense training

Baby Blue, Low Brass Blue, White, Black, and Orange are the perfect standard training round for general practice and home defense drills. Actual length is about 2 ¼", which is very close to a crimped live round. Baby Blue is slightly longer than the others


Competition Shooters (SASS / Cowboy Action, 3-Gun, etc)

Green 3" and Baby Blue will be best for competition shooters who need a round with longer length than our standard rounds. Overall length and brass height is great for stacking in Dual and Quad Loaders from both AP Customs and Taccom (See our pictures for examples). The rounds will be easy to grab, making them perfect for practicing speed loading. Actual length of Green is about 2 ½"


Those that want a slightly heavier weight

Also great for standard training exercises, the Ultra High Brass Blue rounds (both 2 ¾" and 3") are for those who would like slightly more heft to their rounds. The extra brass adds extra weight, not to mention more shine! Neither of these particular rounds will stack perfectly in AP Customs loaders. Both will stack nicely in Taccom loaders


20 Gauge 2 ¾" yellow rounds are all the same except crimp colors


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