Cozy Products CL Cozy Legs Flat Panel Radiant Desk Heater

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Cozy Legs Flat Panel Heater delivers efficient, comfortable heat right where it is needed most – on feet and legs. As a quiet, safe, and extremely energy efficient heater, Cozy Legs costs much less to run than standard traditional space heaters. Using convection heat, Cozy Legs works to relieve cold feet and legs within a confined space.

This 150 watt radiant heater (most standard space heaters use 1,200 watts) has multiple options for


such as fitting underneath a desk, mounting directly to the underside of a desk or wall, or using it freestanding in combination with the Cozy Legs Stand (not included). This item is ETL-listed zero-clearance rated for safety. The Cozy Legs Flat Panel Heater uses only about one tenth the energy of a standard space heater by concentrating heat where it’s needed most, vs blowing it around a room.


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