Plantar Fasciitis Sleeve - Arch Support, Heel Pain, Compression Sock Foot Sleeve

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The Plantar Facsiitis Sleeve by Pure Compression is designed to help relieve plantar fasciitis pain, provide arch support, and act as a light ankle support. Unlike plantar fasciitis braces or plantar fasciitis night splints that completely immobilize the foot, the Pure Compression PF Sleeve allows for full mobility while still relieving heel pain. The compression in the plantar fasciitis sock helps to improve circulation and decrease swelling. The sleeve is moisture wicking, anti-odor, and made of Pure Compression's ultra-soft fabric. Treat Plantar Facsiitis today with the best PF Plantar Facsiitis Foot Sleeve.

Please note that the item is sold as a SINGLE SLEEVE and a PAIR (TWO SLEEVES). If you want TWO SLEEVES, select the picture with TWO SLEEVES.

We sell the item both as a pair and a single sleeve to offer our customers flexibility if they only suffer from plantar fasciitis pain in one foot.

Sizing is based on shoe size:

Small/Medium 5-9
Large/X-Large 9.5-12.5

Small/Medium 6-10
Large/X-Large 10.5-13.5

Lifetime Guarantee!: If at any point the product is found to be defective, simply contact us and we will replace the item at no cost or refund you in full!


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