E-Joy Man Women Weighted Sports Massage Hula Hoop 2B 6IB for Weight Loss Fitness Exercise Hulalink Hula Hoop - Easy to Assemble/ Disassemble

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Lose weight and slim your waist with our Jian Er Bang hula hoop. Our hula hoop is perfect for adults to body shape and fitness. And it is specifically designed to slim your waist, burn calories and promote weight loss. High quality foam: Jian Er Bang hula hoop is more comfortable and softer than other hula hoops with the high quality foam. This foam is also environment friendly. It can be easily transported to your home, gym or work. Process of assembling/ disassembling: 1. Press the black botton. 2. Align two pieces and overlap tightly. 3. Pull to the opposite and make sure it fixed. 4. Press the botton under the pattern hardly and pull the hoop when disassembling.

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