ClearArmor 141001 Shooters Hearing Protection Safety Ear Muffs Folding-Padded Head Band Ear Cups, Black

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How Loud Is Too Loud?
Loud noise can cause permanent hearing loss that lasts a lifetime!

Noise levels above 125 decibels for even short periods of time, can cause permanent hearing loss. Hearing loss and damage occur from a combination of how long you are exposed to noise and how loud the noise is (dB level).

Our highest Noise Reduction Rating Ear Muffs are one of the best ways to protect your hearing from damage.

ANSI S3.19 Tested & Certified (American National Standards Institute)
CE EN 352.1 Tested & Certified (European Standard)

Industrial Grade - Premium Quality - Guaranteed not to Break
Our over-the-head Ear Muffs are engineered to work in harsh environments. We use the highest quality material: 2 layers of our proprietary noise dampening foam, solid single cup design (about ¼" thick) and real screws in our assembly process not glue. All combine to achieve an industry leading NRR. It costs more but is Guaranteed to last.

Comfort: ½" Padded Head Band
Comfort is important that is why our headband uses ½" of padding with synthetic leather for easy cleaning, it costs more but comfort does matter. Our "Snug Fit" design keeps our Ear Muffs on your head, even when you are sweating or doing tuff jobs.

Adjustable Head Band for Custom Fit
A full 1 ¼" of vertical adjustment on both sides allow our ear muffs to fit most heads - large & small.

Compact folding design for efficient storage

Super Soft Foam & Swivel Cup Design
Each Cup tilts and swivels for a custom fit. Our "Super Soft" Foam cushions add comfort and a better seal around your ears.

Our warranty is simple, Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed or Your Money Back!

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