AccuMed® Tens Pads Electrodes with High Conductivity, Self-Adhesive & Flexi-Mesh Backing - X-LARGE 4x2 - 8-Pack

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AccuMed® Tens Pads (Size X-LARGE) Are Designed for Maximal Comfort

High quality construction with flexi-mesh backing enables our pads to curve smoothly to body contours and around joints without irritation or chafing. Ideal for lower back or shoulder pain, ab toning, sciatic nerve stimulation, plantar fasciitis, diabetic appendage circulation, and more. These pads work with all machines that accept standard connectors (1/8" diameter studs) and are made of 2mm thick conductive rubber which is FDA approved and certified latex free. Designed for high conductivity and measuring 2" x 4", they are compatible with the following machines:

AccuMed AP112, AP111, and AP 110, HealthMate Forever, Hidow XPO Massager, Hidow XP-Micro, Hi-dow Massage Mouse, Hidow MP4 Massager, Hidow Massage XP, Hidow I-smart Massager and all Pinook brands, as well as IQ Massager, Hands2Go, Echo Massager, Palm Massager, Digital Acupuncture Physiotherapy Machine, and most others.

Package includes 8 individual pads that have received FDA 510(k) and Amazon approval.


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