Eunicell CR1632 Lithium Blister Pack 3V 3 Volt Coin Cell Batteries 20 pcs

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3.0V CR-1632 Lithium Button Cell Batteries. Ideal for applications used in precision engineering tools to power a wide variety of small electronic devices. These batteries will last for relatively long periods. Expect 4 to 5 years in low drain usage and a steady reliable current is ensured. The positive material is made of manganese dioxide which is chemically very stable resulting in the long service life of the battery. The electrolyte used in these Lithium batteries is a unique non-aqueous electrolyte that safeguards against leakage. Their new high energy density design makes them lightweight very compact and powerful. They have been specially developed to perform at their capacity under the extremely wide temperature range of -20C to +60C (-4 to +140 F). The capacity listed is for a constant resistance discharge down to 2.0 volts per cell.

Features: Dimensions (mm): 16 x 3.2 (D x H)
Nominal Voltage (v): 3V
Nominal Capacity (mAh): 140 mAh

Package Includes: 
20 x CR1632 Lithium Cell


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