DURACELL DURABEAM ULTRA Safety Armband Led Light Black ends 2-Pack

Price: $42.97

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The Duracell LED Safety Armband Light allows you to be seen when it's dark. When it's dark out, it's easy for you to blend in with your surrounding and cars will have a difficult time seeing you. If you have this LED armband, you become more noticeable and will alert cars of your presence, so you won't get hit. When it comes to your personal health and safety, you certainly don't want some driver not seeing you while biking or jogging, so it'd be wise to get one of these LED armbands. The Duracell Durabeam Ultra Safety Armband LED Light comes in a pack of 2 and you can change the color of the light. You could even set it to be continuously on or flashing.


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