Baby Bandana Bibs by ZELDA MATILDA Extra Long Absorbent Adjustable Bib Made of Organic Cotton and Fleece, for Teething Drool and Feeding - A Must Buy To Keep Baby's Clothes and Neck Dry 4 Pack

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Baby Bandana Bibs for Teething Drooling and Feeding by Zelda Matilda

The Perfect Solution for Keeping Drooling Babies Dry

Keeping a drooling baby dry is a constant struggle for parents. Many parents find themselves constantly changing their baby’s clothing and doing endless loads of laundry. In addition drool can cause painful rashes on baby’s neck and face.

The BEST Solution for This Problem is a Super Absorbent Extra Long Zelda Matilda Drool Bib

Made of super soft fleece and organic cotton, Zelda Matilda drool bibs absorb a lot of drool. Your baby will stay dry and comfortable all day long, cutting down on all of those extra loads in the washing machine and best of all no more rashes. Plus, for your baby’s safety we never use any chemical color fixatives on our bibs.

So Stylish You Would Want To Put Them on Your Baby No Matter What!

We know it is important to keep your baby comfortable and safe. But why not do so while making sure your baby is also the most stylish kid in town! Zelda Matilda bibs are absolutely adorable! You will get compliments wherever you go! Be the envy of all your friends and neighbors!

These Bibs are Made to Last

Zelda Matilda uses only top quality materials and construction for our bibs. We don’t use velcro closures which can get stuck in the washing machine or get pulled off by baby. Zelda Matilda bibs feature 2 nickel free snaps so you can adjust the bib for your growing baby’s size.

We Stand behind our products

We are sure you will love your new bibs and we want you to be 100% thrilled with your purchase. Our bandana bibs come with a 90 day money back guarantee.

Special Limited Time Low Price Offer

For a very limited time these bibs are available for a very low price. Now is the time to buy! Don't miss your chance!


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