8up DuaLoad Shot Shell Holder

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Taccom - 8 Up Dual Load Shell Carriers for 12 Gauge Shells The Taccom Duaload shotshell carriers are designed for the dual Load technique. The dual load technique, also referred to as load 2 or twins loading, is a very fast and easy method for action shooting such as 3-Gun or Multi-Gun competitions. The Taccom carriers work with 12 gauge shells and have easily adjustable tension. The spring steel clips have a durable plastic coating that protects the shells from scratches and the carrier from rust and corrosion. The body of the carrier is constructed of black polycarbonate for lightweight and durability. The 8UP shell holder is drilled for a Tek-Lok or ELS 34 hook belt adapter which is not included. The shell holder without a mount is perfect for custom applications, or using your existing tekloks, ELS, or MLS mounts. Adjustable for both left or right hand shooters, the angle can be tipped up 45 degrees for an easy and ergonomic grab. Features: Capacity: 8 Shells Gauge: 12 Gauge Mount: None, drilled for Tek Lok mount Height: 4-1/2 inches Width: 5 inches (Outside of Shell Clips)


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