Konjac Sponge 2 Pack Made With Activated Charcoal - Gentle Face Scrub Buff - Perfect Facial Exfoliation Sponge for Acne Treatment and Prevention

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The Carbon Activated Konjac Sponge by bmbu is built from sustainable Konjac Fibers, embedded with bacteria neutralizing bamboo charcoal and packaged in a 100% post-consumer recycled box. Ideal for personal use, or as a gift to a friend who is looking for a way to clear up their skin.

Konjac Fibers:
Sustainably Grown Konjac. Konjac Roots are a non-waste agricultural product. Konjac Fibers are made using the fiber by-product of the food grade portion of the plant and are used to make a konjac sponge. The sponges provide a non-toxic, non-chemical added way to clean and exfoliate skin. People with acne prone skin have achieved great results with the sponge compared to other treatments, all without over drying their skin (as is typical with most topical cleansers)

Bamboo Charcoal:
Carbon Activated Charcoal has become popular in many Personal Care products due to its natural anti-bacterial properties. Bamboo charcoal's high porosity traps dirt and removes impurities. Most Importantly, Bamboo charcoal is alkaline positive -- increasing pH levels and subsequently oxygen levels.

Function over Form:
We strive to make practical products that work. Our Charcoal infused sponges are a practical product that helps clear up blackheads, prevent acne, and improve the overall health of ones skin.

Simple Designs. We strive to keep it clean. bmbu works to produce products which take advantage of the many forms that the environmentally friendly fiber offers us.

We work only with sustainably grown agricultural materials. We also prefer that all of our products and packaging be biodegradable.


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