B's Dry Fire Snap Caps ® - Dummy 9mm Luger Training Rounds 10 Pack

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B's Dry Fire Snap Caps® - "Made with durability in mind"

Very simply, B-Unique Enterprises, Inc. only makes the most realistic, durable, and best overall training rounds available. Our 9mm rounds are certainly no exception!


Perfect for:

Home defense training drills - training yourself and loved ones in the safe, effective usage of 9mm hand guns

Competition Shooters

Practicing misfire scenarios at the range

Anyone that wants the most realistic look, feel, balance and weight possible

Anyone that wants a training round that is easy to identify, and very durable

Weapon function testing after disassembly / reassembly

Diagnosing shooting issues with problematic firearms


NOTE: These rounds do not contain any combustible materials, and do not make any noise

We recommend usage on a carpeted surface or grass for maximum longevity. This product is very durable, but like anything else if you bounce it against concrete it will wear out much quicker


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