Kitchen Scissors by Love Your Kitchen Stainless Steel, Heavy Duty Multi-function Kitchen Shears for Vegetables, Poultry, Meat, Herbs, With Magnetic Holder and Soft-grip/Non-slip Handle

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For years, we just used some cheap kitchen scissors that came with a knife set and only to open all those pesky packages. We thought about it, and now we have those run-of-the-mill snipping cousins one-upped by far.

Our customers are thrilling us by saying things like:

"Awesome! I don't know why I am fifty years old and never before now have I owned such a cool set of scissors!"

"These kitchen shears by Love your Kitchen are a must in everyone's kitchen."

"These kitchen scissors make my life easier when cooking! This is one of the best kitchen tools that I ever purchased."

Probably because:

The most annoying thing is you usually can't find your food scissors when you need them. You rummage in a drawer and risk cutting yourself. Or you try a kitchen tool not meant for the job. Save all the frustration - keep ours on your fridge or stove using the magnetic sleeve.

The come-apart blades are for easy cleaning and sharpening. Ours come apart only at an angle of 90 degrees, which is wider than normal use, ensuring that the scissors are not too tight. On the other hand, they are not too loose that it creates an inconvenience.

Our kitchen shears are poultry shears, pizza scissors, vegetable peelers, and crab scissors. Cut slippery bacon with ease, scale fish, trim vegetables, shell nuts, crack crab legs, open bottles, cut chicken bones, strip herbs, cut up dried fruit. Cut meat and trim fat, open bottles, cut chicken bones, and strip herbs. Get innovative and open clam shells, cut quesadillas and pitas into wedges, focaccia into squares, even stale bread into cubes for croutons.

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