Bath Blossom Shower Brush Long Handled for Shower with Detachable Head - Best Natural Bristles Back Brush - Exfoliating Body and Cellulite Brush Massager Suitable for Men and Women

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Want to have healthy skin from head to toe?

If you want every inch of your skin to feel silky and soft and to have a radiant glow, you need to care for it properly each and every day. The Bath Blossom Long Handled Bath Body Brush provides a multitude of benefits to support skin health and help you look and feel your best, making it the best choice of shower brush on the market today.

The Bath Blossom natural bristles back scrubber brush features strong, yet soft bristles on a round head to an extra long 16" handle. The head of brush can be detached and used as cellulite massager brush and dry skin brushing.

As the brush bristles remove impurities, they also gently loosen cellular debris, exfoliating to make your skin suppler and softer. By effectively removing dead skin, the body brush fights dullness of the skin.

Bath Blossom shower brush for back and body has a spa quality that is simple enough to be used at home daily. Made from the finest materials, including natural boar bristles and genuine wood. Order today and get a healthier skin with our back brush scrubber!


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