Dr. Formulas 50x Cranberry Concentrate With Nexabiotic Probiotics for Women - 50x Stronger than Regular Cranberries and Preforpro Prebiotic - Suppports Healthy Urinary Tract

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Our 50x Cranberry is the solution to wanting to take cranberries for urogenital health but not wanting to consume excessive amounts of juice, berries, and/or sugar! Cranberries are said to be good for the urogenital tract but cranberry juice is loaded with sugar. Regular cranberry powder pills are too weak to be effective. Our 50x Cranberry Extract is the perfect solution! It features three revolutionary ingredients:

1. Pacran Cranberry which is backed by clinical studies for urogenital health. We manage to pack 25,000 mg of cranberry powder in a 500mg dose of concentrated potent 50x cranberry extract. Cranberry extract contains organic compounds called Proanthocyanidins which may interact with the adhesive proteins of E. coli bacteria and inhibit them from attaching to the surfaces of the urogenital tract. In vivo studies concluded that Pacran cranberry was able to reduce the number of E. coli bacteria.

2. Probiotics are organisms that have beneficial activity. They are normal residents of the gastrointestinal and urogenital tracts.

3. Prebiotics support probiotics. Our patented prebiotic called Preforpro consists of bacteriophages which support probiotics and their competition against the growth of undesirable bacteria.

This unique three-pronged approach inhibits undesirable microorganisms and supports the growth of normal probiotic organisms in the gastrointestinal and urogenital tracts.


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