LumiLux Advanced 16-Color Motion Sensor LED Toilet Light, Internal Memory, Light Detection

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Advanced 16 Color Motion Sensor LED Toilet Light

One of the most advanced toilet lights on the market, the Lumilux toilet light uses state-of the-art technology to create the perfect way to light up your toilet! Select from 16 colors or create a rainbow in your bathroom using the carousel mode.

Infrared Motion Sensor & Light Detection Sensor

The built in infrared motion sensor will detect body heat upon entry and will shut off upon exit. What also makes the Lumilux toilet light so advanced is the light detection sensor that will make sure the toilet light does not come while the bathroom light is on.

Flexible Arm

Simply bend the arm to secure the toilet light to any size toilet bowl

Internal Memory

The unit will store your settings (unless batteries are removed)

Low Battery Indicator

Red led will blink 5x

Manual Mode

Push the button to activate the LED light at any time.

FCC and EMC Certified


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