PlayMeal Kid's Adventure Food Bowl, Stops Mealtime Fuss and Motivates Healthy Eating Habits for Kids, Includes 3 Surprise Toys

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Problem: Forcing a child to finish their meal can leave parents feeling frustrated, and may invoke in a child feelings of anxiety and distrust. Giving your children healthy food might be easy, but the hard part is getting them to eat it. Solution: The PlayMeal adventure food bowl motivates kids to eat their entire food, on their own, so they can discover the surprise toy located at the bottom compartment of the bowl. Transforms mealtime into an enjoyable, relaxing and bonding experience the PlayMeal kids adventure food bowl was created by a mom, looking for an effective solution to finally end mealtime struggle, and to motivate kids to eat wholesome and healthy meals. According to research, when first introduced to healthy, unsweetened food, children will need a motivator to train themselves to enjoy the newly discovered tastes. The PlayMeal adventure food bowl encourages children to eat their meal, even when not enjoying the taste or texture, thus changing the child's eating habits to enjoy wholesome and healthy meals made with high quality plastic to ensure durability and many years of use. Won't break, crack or discolor. Features a secure non-slipping base to prevent accidental spills. Designed to have an extremely easy and safe grip. Made with fda approved materials and free of any harmful chemicals. Bowls are latex free, lead free, bpa free, pvc free and phthalate free./Easy to clean, just wash with warm soapy water or toss into dishwasher. This product is patent pending. Specifications: Size: 7" width x 3.5" height adventure compartment size: 2.5" width x 1" height recommended age: 3+ includes: Bowl and 3 toys microwave safe and dishwasher safe.


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